Special Services

Clinical School Counselor

We have  a full-time clinical school counselor through the ECHO Program from the University of Dayton. Our counselor provides counseling for students, as well as their families if needed. 

Additionally, our counselor teaches social-emotional learning through a program called "Choose Love." The "Choose Love" curriculum encompasses empathy, problem solving, social skills, and how to effectively monitor emotions. 


Intervention Specialists

We currently have two intervention specialists on our staff who work with students in grades K-8. The intervention specialists work with classroom teachers to assess students who need additional support. Our staff promotes an inclusive learning environment, which enables the intervention specialists to be in the classroom during regular instruction.


Title 1 Teacher

Our Title 1 teacher works with students in grades K, 1, and 2, to provide additional instruction and enrichment in reading and math.


Speech and Language Pathologist

Our speech and language pathologist works with students who have been evaluated and qualified for speech services. 


Reading Specialist

Our reading specialist works with students in grades K-4 to assist those who are struggling in reading, writing, and English. She works with the classroom teachers to assess what areas need to be addressed for additional support. 


School Nurse

We currently have a school nurse who is available for various student health needs. Our school nurse assists with medication distribution, illness monitoring, and general education of staying healthy and well.